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From our Director

Making a difference in the life of a child whose world has been turned upside down is the mission of every CASA volunteer advocate.  CASAs help change the lives of kids who have been abused, neglected or abandoned, who have been removed from their homes, and who are faced with uncertainty and fear as they maneuver through the "system.” 


From the ice cream shop to the courtroom, these superstar CASAs stand by their assigned young people, ultimately speaking up in court to help ensure that they are placed in permanent homes.


These vulnerable boys and girls find that in their CASAs, they are partnered with someone who will stick by them through it all.  Most have been conditioned to believe that the adults in their lives—parents, social workers, lawyers, foster families—have come and gone, but have never stayed by their sides for the long haul.  As a teen foster child said to her CASA, "You’ll just leave me like everybody else,” the CASA replied, "I’m not going anywhere!” 


To this end, we at CASA of Baltimore County pledge to serve as many children in foster care as we are able.  The hard work, dedication and passion of our CASA advocates is indeed life changing for abused and neglected children who deserve no less than any child—a safe, loving, and secure home.  And, a voice!




Named Baltimore County's RSVP Volunteers "2011 Nonprofit of the Year” 


ReMoved is a film about the realities of a child in the foster care system. Please take 12 minutes out of your day to watch this amazing video by filmmaker Nathanael Matanick.





'Tell the judge I have a bruise.'

Dear Friend,

Jacob had been in and out of the child welfare system for years. When I met him, he was living with his father, but the judge wasn't sure whether that was the best place for him.

Sometimes, Jacob was a typical, happy kid. Other times, he would fall apart emotionally.

One day, he showed me a bruise and wouldn’t tell me how it happened, though I could tell he wanted to.

I am Jacob’s champion. I am his confidant. I speak to the courts on his behalf. I protect his unalienable rights to be safe, to be treated with dignity, and to live with a family who loves him.

The National CASA Association’s training and support help 77,000 volunteers like me stand strong for children like Jacob each and every day. You can stand strong for all of us by making a year-end contribution.

As I got to know Jacob, it became clear his father was not suited to care for him. Jacob’s mother turned her troubled life around so she could try to regain custody. When it was time for me to testify on Jacob’s behalf, I asked him if he had any messages that I should share with the judge.

"Tell the judge I want my mother back.”

"Tell the judge I have a bruise.”

Jacob’s mom cried as she hugged me after the hearing, saying, "Jacob finally had a voice in court today.” Jacob and his mom were reunited and now they’re doing just fine.

For every little boy like Jacob, there is another child who does not have a CASA volunteer. Your gift of $50, $100, $200 or more will bring us closer to the goal of making sure that every child who needs an advocate has one by 2020.

Please make a tax-deductible gift today.

   Casa of Baltimore County, Inc.